Services for test and dev

The following services may be used to test services in the sandbox federation, or may be used as reference samples of how the Sweden Connect technical framework should be implemented.
Basic eIDAS login test
Detailed and configurable test SP for generating authentication requests to the eIDAS connector and national IdP services in the sandbox federation
Reference signature service and test facilities for testing signature services
Signature validation service supporting Signature Validation Tokens
Test SP for authentication tests with the capability to generate sign messages
Test SP application that can be used to simulate another country's eIDAS connector and send a request directly to the Swedish eIDAS Proxy Service (in the Sandbox-federation this is the Proxy Service for the XE-country).
Test eIDAS nodes based on the EU CEF software Each test node is represented by a test country (E.g. XA, XB, XC)

   Related services

Test login and signing flow against QA eIDAS Connector and inspect request, responses and assertions.
Test services provided by other eIDAS countries
Demonstration service for testing login and signing flow. This is replicating pages from an old outdated version of
The TSL Trust service used to configure trust in signed documents and for providing validation reports to the signing service